sight test sight test

programmers and users 1) programmers and users

The Art Of Work 2) The Art Of Work

how scientists see the world 3) how scientists see the world

poker face 4) poker face

Prison Break - the risk is high5) prison break

software updates6) software update

one day of work one day of work

“i love my work” series

i love my job 1 i love my job 2 i love my job 3 i love my job 4

The Dilbert's Rule 7) Dilbert's rule explained

at least there are no exams… ;) 8) kompania_braci_sesja.jpg

who's afraid of exams? 9) a_wy_sie_sesji_boicie.jpg

got a spare towel? 10) godzilla_towel_lg.jpg

Happy everything 11) happy_everything.jpg

Understand the technology 12) understand_the_technology.jpg

Tested on animals 13) topgear2_by_radnor.jpg

tired of working? try meetings! :) 14) meetings.jpg

“do not touch any of these wires” 15) wires.jpg

“pedzacy jelen” (PL) 16) pedzacy_jelen.jpg

pill for everything 17) fukitol.jpg

i'm not addicted 18) not_addicted.jpg

The normal approach 19)

RootPark game logo 20) rootpark_logo_web.jpg

Development with review 21)

Texas Logic Gate Massacre 22) teksanska_masakra_bramka_logiczna.jpg

explanation (PL) why GKO… ;) 23) gko.jpeg

short lesson on how code reviews look like + good quality measure24) code_quality_review.jpg

“classic case of PEBKAC”25)

“we have exam tomorrow?!”26) jutro_mamy_kolo.jpg

this one is me on holidays in 200127). wakacje_2001.jpg

just relax…

this was the official poster of juwenalia in Wrocław somewhere around 2005. zbliza_sie_zadyma.jpg

wanna take hitchhiker? ozzy-osbourne-highway-to-hell-posters.jpg

found somewhere on the net.
found somewhere on the net
found somewhere on the net
remake of “Harvester” game poster
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