2011.03.18 - YAPA 2011

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last week we were on 36th YAPA – the YAPA 20111) tourists music festival. it was my 2nd time there. atmosphere, songs, public… all cannot be described with words. there is only one such festival. no place like it anywhere.

among this year's artists here some classics like Nijak, EKT Gdynia, Czerwony Tulipan, Bez Jacka, Andrzej Koczewski, Jerzy Bożyk and more… there were also new bands, just rising. there were also ones that, IMHO, are going to be famous soon, like: oJ taM, Żeby Nie Piekło, Cisza Jak Ta, Myśli Rozczochrane Wiatrem Zapisane.

as usual saturday's night concert was a true night concert. all night. i was too tired to stay and left around 4am, while the concert was still on and few more bands to play (i missed concert of Cisza Jak Ta – next year i won't make this mistake!). now i'm waiting for records of festival on the web (and i'm not alone).

well… next year's YAPA is coming – and i'm already waiting! :)

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all images from concert are taken from web gallery of the festival
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