2013.05.07 - brief on performance

from some time i track articles on high scalability. a lot of cool stuff's there. interesting arts, good insight on what's going on at scale. recently i came across Facebook Secrets of Web Performance. i'm no fan of facebook as a service (well – any social network(s), in fact), but they do a lot of really interesting research. quoting 2 points, outlined by the just-mentioned article:

  • Empower Small Teams. Small teams can do great things. Facebook Search, photos, chat and HipHop were all the result of small teams. Get the right set of people, empower them and let them work.
  • People Matter Most. It’s people who build and run systems. The best tools for scaling are an engineering and operations teams that can handle anything.

these i find obvious for years now. yet nearly none company i had worked for really put these live. artificially decreasing productivity is NOT fun… “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” (W. Edwards Deming) – yet again! :)

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