2013.05.20 - portion of interesting reading

recently came across few interesting stuff to read:

  • homomorphic encryption – performing computations on encrypted data w/o deciphering them is no longer only a theory. there's more – open source library for HE is now publicly available. just think about all of this in the context of cloud computing, or external company doing your tax return calculations…
  • taskwarrior – nice, console tool for tasks management. features include: recurrent tasks, scheduled, deadlines, reminders, per-project separation, advanced filtering, and more.
  • BASE: An Acid Alternative – introduction to BASE rules set, that scales better than ACID, thus is more common at scale.
  • Clang is C++11 feature complete – since last month there is C++11 fully-compliant compiler, available for free. stable release is expected this summer.
  • GotWHerb's guru of the week series is back. this time – C++11.

world is changing – stay tuned! :)

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