2014-02-26 - towards simplicity

fragment of Yves' presentation last year i've mentioned/quoted how keeping small, cooperating teams matter. there is a great talk on TED, by Yves Morieux, highlighting cooperation as the most important aspect of running projects. the main point of the talk is a set of 6 rules, that companies should follow, to make the best out of its resources, while making employees' jobs rewarding, at the same time. rules are:

  • understand what your ppl do
  • reinforce integrators
  • increase total quantity of power
  • extend the shadow of the future
  • increase reciprocity
  • reward those who cooperate

applying “hard” approach to each and every problem is declared as obsolete. it increases complexity instead of adding any real value. this fits well into classic the-corporate-way – “have a problem with X? make a new role 'X manager'!”. Yves mentions banks' organization as an excellent counter-example of how project should be run.

another very important point Yves' made is that in the end, bad management reflects on employees. keep that in mind when running your next project.

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