2016-07-11 - talos principle

talos principle logo i do not play much and i usually do not recommend games… but this one is truly worth it. Talos Principle is an excellent puzzle game, available on steam, linux. aside of mind-blowing graphics (make sure you have some extra ice for your graphics card! :)) it offers a lot of interesting mind challenges. it is a pure puzzle experience – no arcade-style, dexterity tests. most of the time you just sit around, watch and think how to solve a new riddle, with very limited resources you are provided.

in-game winter scene in-game fall scene

aside from excellent playability, and amazing graphics, there is a story. a story of a dying out human race, that developed an AI to take over. all the levels are showing incredible views, all of this mixed with christian-like mythology, of a creator and its creation, that discovers gardens of knowledge. whole plot is interleaved with well-though philosophical debate about humanity, life and our place in the universe, from different perspectives and different times. in fact, to get into the game's climate you spend significant amount of time reading stories from barely-readable data sets, left for you to discover. there are also insightful observations, covered in recordings of Alexandra Drennan – an engineer who started the whole AI project.

just imagine TIM with AIs to talk with and philosophical background to shape the plot. such a game is done once a decade!

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