2016-12-04 - hello human

complete hardware

few days ago we had an open-hours in our SW-dev department. since we mostly do algorithmic data processing, embedded system… and do not have hardware platform on-site… it's really hard to show it in an interesting fashion, for non-technical ppl. i've decided to show something connected to a SW development in general, but not directly tided to our system. it was inspired by a though that “SW dev is about putting a spirit (ghost?) into a machine”. :)

i though – how about a simple project with a camera, to catch and track faces, using servo motors? when some1 approach it, system catches a focus and move along a person's face movements, to keep her at focus?

…and so – during a course of 3 evenings hello human project was brought from a rough idea to a real life machine. :)

project is interesting since, because though it contains software, electronics and 3d-printed model… it was almost solely about programming! just think:

  • main logic was implemented in python
  • image processing is done with OpenCV (i.e. C)
  • servo motors controller is implemented in C++
  • all the 3d-printer are programmed in OpenSCAD
  • PCB is done in Eagle

the only thing on the list, that is not about programming is PCB-design SW. all the rest is pure programming. now isn't that cute? :)

it turned out that it drawn quite a bit of attention. ppl asked about how it works, how much would it cost to build such a thing at home (btw: there's actually only about 30EUR worth of parts in it!)… and there was quite some laughter, when vision system decided that cat drawing on one of the girls' dress is actually a face, and followed it for a long time! ;)

some practical applications? well – aside from keeping ppl interested in SW development and modern technologies… not that many. ;) it could be used for monitoring, video conferencing (ever got annoyed about camera not following your movements in the room, while chatting?)… or an extended version, that would detect/monitor who's speaking, and focus on that person (useful for video-conferencing, when there are many ppl in the room). who knows – maybe one day, when i'll get bored with whatever i'm doing at that particular moment? ;)

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