2012.01.23 - ppl of PL vs. ACTA

few days ago i wrote that ACTA is going to be signed by PL - in just a few days time. in this time ACTA has became one of the major topic in the TV and radio. ppl are fighting to stop scheduled signing of the act. many pages have been already hacked already. among the more interesting ones are attack on platforma.org1) (polish party that prime minister is from) and deface of premier.gov.pl2) (prime minister's page, on the government server). the second incident's deface looked like this:

premier.gov.pl defice (screen taken from http://niebezmiecznik.pl)

as usual, some humor was introduced into the event. see the podcast attached to the message. for outsiders - this is mixed show, formed to look like a parody of martial law's introduction speech by Wojciech Jaruzelski.

site is back, as of writing this post
currently site is dead
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